How do I unpack Ponchairo® from its pouch?

Pull Ponchairo® from the bottom of the pouch. Once it's rolled out, position it along one side of your chair. Sit down and slip Ponchairo® over your head. 

How do I fold Ponchairo® into its pouch?

Store Ponchairo®, in its pouch, by folding along the vertical seams, on either side, to match the width of the bag. Fold upward, four times, and tuck into the pouch.

Care instructions?

Ponchairo® is machine washable. Cold. Gentle cycle. Like colors. No bleach. Line dry. 

Is Ponchairo® waterproof?

While Ponchairo® is made from waterproof Dintex® fabric, the zippers are not waterproof.

Can Ponchairo® be stored, while wet?

Ponchairo® is made from Dintex® fabric, engineered to be breathable. We recommend, however, that you line dry your Ponchairo® before extended storage.

Can I wear Ponchairo® standing up?

Of course! Ponchairo® was designed to be worn, sitting down. But if you need to stand, Ponchairo's quick release snaps give you the flexibility to do so. Reattachment, before folding and storage, is recommended.

Can I secure Ponchairo® around me?

Adjustable clips are included for securing Ponchairo® around you. Clip position and fit will vary, based on user's body size/build.

Where do you ship?

Currently, we only ship in the United States.

Do you provide customization for team or corporate orders?

Email customerservice@ponchairo.com, to discuss.

What is Ponchairo's patent status?

In accordance with 35 USC 287(a), notice is given that Ponchairo® is protected by Patent: US10,172,466.